The wine gods finally smiled on our pets. Wine for cats and dogs has arrived. Now you can finally count your furry best friend among your drinking buddies. Not only will you be able to purchase wine for your cat or dog, but there’s beer available, too! Read on to learn more about the newest phenomenon for our furry friends.

What’s In It?

First things first, no, your precious pooch or kitty won’t be getting drunk on their wine or beer. These new varieties designed for our four-legged friends are non-alcoholic, of course. In fact, they don’t share too many of the ingredients you’d expect in a bottle of wine or a can of beer.

Almost all of the wine or beer produced for our dogs and cats is composed of natural ingredients that pets love. Take Apollo Creek, for example. They are one of the premier manufacturers of cat and dog beer and wine. Apollo Creek manufactures beverages for pets with all natural ingredients including water, fruit and vegetable juices and organic herbs. Depending on the variety, the flavor and recipes are different. For example, the wine for cats features catnip as an ingredient. The wine for dogs replaces catnip for ingredients like organic peppermint extract and organic anise seed.

Why Should You Give it to Your Pet?

Aside from the fact that it’s adorable and fun for both you and your pet? There are a few other reasons why you may want to consider these products.

Since this kitty vino features all natural ingredients, you’ll know you’re providing your pet with a treat that they’ll enjoy that’s also good for them. That’s a good feeling. Each of the brands we looked into use all natural ingredients, many of which are organic, as well.

Plus, these drinks are certainly a fun and exciting departure from the standard, everyday treats they get. They say variety is the spice of life. Pet wine and beer is indeed a fun way to add a bit more spice to your pet’s life.

It’s also a great way to bring you and your pet closer together. If you’re planning on curling up on the couch with your favorite show and a nice glass of wine, why not let your pet in on the fun?

Finally, it makes a fun and unique gift. Getting your pet a holiday gift isn’t a new concept. But these days, more and more pet owners are looking to get their pet something special this time of year. In fact, Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket has seen demand for holiday pet gifts soar by over 300% this year.

Where to Buy

You won’t find these products in the beer and wine aisle of your local supermarket. But, there are several outlets you can purchase these items from.

Many retailers are carrying dog and cat wine to meet increasing demand from pet owners. So, you may find them in the pet section of your supermarket or favorite pet store.

They’re also available online from places like Amazon, or the websites for any of the brands that manufacture them. Of course, providing your pet with the best life has to offer isn’t cheap. You can expect to shell out about $10 for a bottle of wine or beer for your pet.

How to Serve It

Your pet’s personal tastes will dictate how best to serve them their beer or wine. Several manufacturers encourage customers to pour their wine or beer over your pet’s food. But, service in a bowl, or for the especially posh pet, in a proper glass, isn’t ruled out.

What to Look For

When it comes to pet wine and beer, you want to make sure you’re doing your homework. Double checking the ingredients to ensure that you’re providing your pet with something that’s good for them is encouraged. This is especially important when you consider all the new brands manufacturing these products.

For the most part, pet wines and beers are intended to be a novelty product. The majority of products are made from natural ingredients. So they don’t contain anything that’s likely to disagree with your pet.

Some of them have ingredients which may be a healthy, in addition to your dog’s diet. It’s easy to find brands that contain antioxidant or anti-inflammatory ingredients. Those can be especially helpful for older dogs with aging joints and bodies.

Popular Brands

These days, new brands of dog and cat wine are popping up everywhere. Here are some of the most popular and widely available brands:

Apollo Peak

Billed as “The Original Cat and Dog Wine,” Apollo Peak makes several varieties to suit the tastes of both dogs and cats. Apollo Peak is located in Colorado and creates all their varieties with all natural ingredients and Rocky Mountain spring water.

They make one of the broadest ranges of products and offer seven types of wine for cats and five varieties of wine for dogs. Apollo Peak also manufactures seven varieties of beer for dogs as well. Plus, they all come with hilarious names like Pinot Meow, Malbark, and Oatmeal Snout.

Woof & Brew

Hailing from England, the folks at Woof & Brew have been in the business of making tasty and healthful tonics for dogs and cats for the past five years. In addition to their popular flagship products like Pawsecco and Bottom Sniffer beer, Woof & Brew also manufactures several other products with a broad range of health benefits for your pet.

These products include herbal tonics and teas that are designed to promote healthy coat and skin, fresh breath, anxiety relief and more. They even manufacture a product that reduces the alkalinity in your dog’s urine to prevent brown spots on lawns, too.

Bowser Beer

If you’ve been searching for a great chicken, pork or beef flavored beer, then look no further! Bowser Beer has three different varieties that sound like they may be some of the tastiest suds available, at least from your dog’s perspective.

The folks at Bowser Beer make a selection of adorable and fun treats for dogs, as well. In addition to the beer, you’ll find cigars made from turkey or beef that look just like the real thing, as well as doggie pizzas and pretzel nuggets, too.

Pet Winery

Additionally, Pet Winery is another manufacturer of fine wine and beer products for pets. The Pet Winery manufactures four different wines for cats as well as two wines for dogs and three beer styles as well. They even have martinis for dogs and cats, too!

Much like Apollo Peak and Woof & Brew, all their products are formulated with natural ingredients that are designed to be delicious while also benefiting your pet as well. In particular, Pet Winery’s products are formulated with natural anti-inflammatories like fish oil and glucosamine which may make them are a particularly good option for older pets experiencing joint pain.


Posted by Snuffle Dog Beer on Saturday, November 2, 2013

While Snuffle is another manufacturer that leaves cats out of the equation, their dog beer is designed to delight our canine friends. Similar to other dog beer makers, Snuffle makes their beer with natural ingredients and offers dogs some of their favorite flavors, including chicken and beef.

Snuffle is manufactured in Belgium, but it’s available worldwide. If you have a taste for European style beers from one of the most historic regions in beer making, you may want to let your pooch give Snuffle a try.

Do Animals Like Pet Wine?

While dogs are historically easier to please, cats can be a bit more finicky, and this is true with cat wine as well. For the most part, cats and dogs alike seem to enjoy their new beverage. Of course, every pet is different, and there’s a chance your animal won’t be into wine or beer.

But, the main idea with these products is that it’s another way to bring dog and cat owners closer to their pets. It may be worth a try for that reason alone.

Wrapping It Up

While a glass of beer or wine for your dog or cat may sound ridiculous to some people, it’s certainly a novel idea. And a new way to provide your beloved pet with a tasty treat. It also makes an excellent gift for anyone in your life who loves their wine almost as much as they love their dog or cat.

There’s plenty of different brands to try. Wine for cats and dogs and even beer is becoming available at more retailers throughout the world. If you think your pet deserves a drink at the end of a long day just as much as you do, you may want to give these products a try.

If you decide to give one of these faux alcoholic beverages for your pet a try, be sure to carefully read all the ingredients. You want to ensure you’re providing your pet with something that’s made with their best interests in mind. Above all, enjoy sharing a drink with your pet!

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