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6 Remedies For Cat Bad Breath That Actually Work

Something wakes you up out of a deep slumber.​Did someone’s dog get sprayed by a skunk last night? What is that putrid stench?​No, it’s just your little cat licking your face trying to wake you up as per usual.​Wait – why on earth does his breath smell so bad? And how...

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Why Is Your Dog Vomiting Yellow And How To Manage It

If your dog is vomiting yellow foam or slime, it makes sense that you’re worried. Did she get into something poisonous? Does she have a stomach bug? Should you take her to the vet? In most cases, a dog throwing up isn’t anything to be concerned about. There are,...

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Things You Should Do Once Your Dog Ate Chicken Bones

Dogs are notorious for their willingness to eat anything and everything.Whether it’s a pie on the countertop, a spilled drink or even a dirty sock, your dog will, at the very least, consider ingesting it.Your dog’s body is pretty good at digesting even the strangest...

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American Journey Dog Food, A Healthy Option For You

You love your dog and only want the best for them, so you feed them the best food available to you. But, how do you know if the dog food you choose is healthy for your best friend?The supermarket is filled with dog food brands all promising to help your dog be happy...

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