There’s nothing better than finding a charity you really believe in, but with so many to choose from, how do you pick where to concentrate your time and money? Well, if you are a pet lover, you should check out Freekibble. This is not your ordinary charity, and donating happens in a way that is a little different from usual.

As a pet lover, you can help feed dogs who may not have yet found their forever homes. You can be a part of a movement to improve the lives of animals all around the globe just by getting involved with Freekibble.

What Is Freekibble?

Freekibble is a nonprofit organization that started in 2008. According to the charity’s website, it helps feed dogs who are in shelters by providing high-quality dog food donations.

The mission of the organization is to help make a happier life for animals living in shelters. It also seeks to ensure healthy diets that will enable these animals to have full lives.

The organization has additional branches, including Freekibble Kat, which provides cat food donations to shelters, and FreeKibble Cares, which supports

various animal causes through monetary donations. All money donated goes to the causes. Free Kat Litter is another branch that provides litter to shelters.

Plus, the charity also runs different promotions, such as contests, that allow it to distribute even more supplies for which shelters are in desperate need. These things include dog toys, cat litter, treats, beds, and supplies for grooming.

It also connects itself with other causes, helping to promote and gather signatures for petitions to help various animal causes. The focus is on those causes seeking to stop animal abuse situations or practices.

Who Started Freekibble?

NBC News explains the charity began as an idea of Mimi Ausland when she was only 11 years old. She felt sad about the many animals stuck in shelters without families to love and care for them. She thought they at least deserved a good meal, which sparked her drive to start Freekibble.

Mimi’s desire to help began after a visit to an animal sanctuary. She also had long been volunteering at her local animal shelter.

The ASPCA named her its Kid of the Year in 2008 for her charity work and innovative ideas. She also continues her work through expanding the charity to help animals in even more ways, including her newest endeavor, Free the Ocean, which works to keep plastic waste out of the oceans.

How Does Freekibble Work?

If Freekibble sounds like an idea you can get behind, then you may wonder how the charity works. While you certainly can donate money, the goal is to allow everyone to make a difference, even if you don’t have the ability to give money.

To donate, all you have to do is go to the charity’s website. There you will answer trivia questions. For each question you answer, even if you get the answer wrong, it donates 10 pieces of kibble. You can choose to either answer questions for dogs or cats. You can also do both if you have the time.

As a bonus, you will learn a lot about animals from the trivia questions. They vary in difficulty and cover a lot of different animal-related topics.

You also can join the Kibble Plus Program. It costs $5 per month. The organization will double all daily donations and help with vaccinations for pets living in shelters when you join. It is a great option if you wish to do more.

Is Freekibble Real?

Freekibble is a legitimate charity organization. Since 2008, it has been able to provide over 30 million meals to shelter animals. It has about half a million donors and reaches 157 countries through its efforts.

The organization has a history of working with many respected organizations, including the ASPCA and HALO.

Of course, you should always check out a charity yourself before donating. A good idea is to visit the charity’s website, check into how much of the donations the organization actually gives to the cause, and look at the operating costs for the charity. These things will let you see if your donations make it to the needy recipients or if the charity is mainly funding its payroll with the money you give.

Freekibble has many programs where 100 percent of the money goes to the cause, and if you are simply playing the trivia game, you give 100 percent of the kibble you earn.

What Is Greater Good?

Freekibble is owned and operated by Greater Good, an organization that runs multiple charity organizations. Greater Good is the brand name for CharityUSA. The organization has its headquarters in Washington state.

Does Freekibble/Greater Good collect my personal information?

You don’t have to provide any personal information to play the trivia for kibble donations. There isn’t a registration process. You just go to the site and answer questions.

For the monthly program, you will have to provide information to allow the charity to bill you every month. You also must provide information if you sign a petition or sign up for a newsletter.

When you need to register, the site will only collect the necessary information through secure means. It will not store any credit card information you provide. It also will not share your information outside of the Greater Good network unless you order a product and require shipping.

If you register, you may receive emails from the network about promotions, petitions, announcements, and other news.

Final Words

Freekibble is a nice way to give back that makes it possible for all people. Even kids can use the website to answer trivia and donate kibble. Through its various other ventures, this organization is making a huge impact on the lives of animals around the world.

The mission to ensure all shelter animals have the food and supplies they need to be healthy and happy is one any animal lover can get behind. With giving being so easy, it is difficult to find a reason not to join in the fun with Freekibble.

If you wish to give more, the charity makes that easy, too. You can do however much you want to help animals in shelters or those suffering abuse. It is truly a wonderful way to get involved if you love animals.

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