Pet Treat Info’s team is dedicated to bringing you the information you need about treating your pet to the good life. Why? Because the way we treat our pets matters. Plus, pets love treats and we love to treat them!

Our pets’ health and wellness are super important to us. Every day we face choices. And of course, we want them to have the best nutrition, fitness, training, treats, and gear. Choosing what’s right for you and your pet can be tough. But it’s easier when you have all the information you need.

That’s where we come in. Here at Pet Treat Info, we love finding the best of everything for our pets and sharing our discoveries with you.

Treating your furry friend can be the best part of your day. Now, you can feel confident you’re giving them not only the best but the healthiest, too. And, did we mention fun? We love having fun with our pets.

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What Pet Treat Info is About

Here is an overview of the sections on our site.Whether you are looking for a great recipe for pumpkin dog treats, or need info on a recall, we’ve got you covered.

DIY Recipes

If you haven’t tried baking for your best friend, you are missing out on a fun bonding experience with your pet! After all, the safest, healthiest, and tastiest pet treats are the ones you make yourself. We’ll tell you what’s best to use and avoid, and give you simple, fun recipes to pamper your furbaby.

Health & Fitness

Our Health and Fitness section helps you understand your best friend’s nutritional and fitness needs. After all, healthy food and lots of play keep our pets healthy, happy, and long-lived.


Your pet’s safety is your top priority, and ours. Whether you’re looking at food, toys, or gear, we’ll give you honest, helpful information you can trust.


Human meets dog, human and dog fall in love, human brings dog home, and then… Rover’s gnawing on your shoes, tearing open bags of food, and relieving himself on the carpet. It’s time for obedience training, but where to start? We’ll go over the basics and talk about how, when, and where to seek help.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance section covers up-to-date regulations, product recalls, and other important information you need to keep you current on which foods and other products are the safest. As for recalls, they can be a bit worrisome. We’ll give you the lowdown, so you can feel confident in what you are giving your buddy.


How does the brand you’re looking at stack up against the others? Since you don’t have the time or money to try everything out there, we’ll do it for you. Check our site for product reviews and comparisons.

Just for Fun

In our Just for Fun section, you’ll find information and reviews for fun stuff like pet wine and beer (yes, really!). Have you been considering a Furbo? Does your pooch like the (nonalcoholic) hooch? We have the scoop!

From DIY recipes to create snacks and treats for your pet that you can know are 100 percent safe and delicious; to safety regulation information and reviews on pet products you are considering, Pet Treat Info is your go-to source.

Featured image: CC By 2.0 Tricia via Flickr.

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