If you have a pet, you probably already heard about Open Farm dog food, and you want to know more.

Open Farm dog food has a fantastic feel-good story that begins with a rescue dog and questions about what is actually in the dog food.

Many pet owners understand the importance of reading labels on pet food containers. Also, we know the quality of the food we feed our pets directly impacts their health and well-being.

High-quality pet food is a baseline of owning a pet, and seeking out ethically sourced ingredients in top-quality dog food is vital.

Who Is Open Farm Dog Food?

The folks at Open Farm dog food took the time to research pet food before opening the company.

It began with a rescue dog, Bella, and the desire to feed her food that would keep her healthy and happy.

Also, creating dog food is not only about the ingredients. Instead, the source of the ingredients is just as important, as well.

Knowing that humane farming practices are a part of the process of creating healthy dog food is paramount to Open Farm.

Plus, there are environmental considerations. For instance, Open Farm takes into consideration the carbon footprint it takes to make pet food.

Also, perhaps you have noticed that most pet food bags are end-of-the-line waste, meaning you cannot recycle the bags. The majority of pet food bags end up in landfills.

Open Farm has a recycling program that actively addresses this problem and limits how much of their products become a part of the problem.

Also, some of the Open Farm products are housed in reusable packaging so that you can get more uses out of the containers.

What Kind of Pet Food Does Open Farm Create?

Open Farm has both dog and cat food.

Also, you choose between different types of pet food. For instance, there are treats and dry food. Also, you can find wet food, freeze-dried raw foods, and gently cooked pet foods.

With Open Farm, dog foods are geared towards different needs and stages of life. For instance, you can buy different foods for puppies and senior dogs as well as anything in-between.

Furthermore, if your pet has any food sensitivities such as potato or gluten, there is an Open Farm dog food to meet your pet’s needs.

Lastly, there are several different proteins from which to choose.


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are scientifically modified by taking part in a species’ DNA and adding it to another.

The result is something that does not originate in nature. Creating a GMO is selective breeding, where scientists want the ‘good’ parts from more than one species. This does help make disease-resistant plants, but there is still a lot of controversy with GMOs.

Therefore, not all people want to eat GMOs, nor do they want them in their dog’s food.

Protein by-products

When an animal goes to the slaughter, there are many by-products. It is vastly agreed upon that it is wise to use all animal parts to avoid waste.

However, there is controversy about the type of by-products that end up in dog food because the leftovers are not suitable for human consumption, yet we give them to dogs.

Legally, pet food manufactures can use by-products in dog food. Also, it is legal to use dead-on-arrival animals in dog food, as well.

There are different grades of by-products used for pet food, and the higher the quality of the product, the more nutritious the pet food.

Just like humans evaluate the quality of the food we eat, many pet owners read their dog food labels and want accountability from pet food manufacturers regarding food quality in the bag.

Superfoods for dogs

Dogs are carnivores, but there are a few superfoods that dogs should have.

Coconut oil is beneficial for your dog’s digestive system as well as energy levels. Plus, if your dog struggles with inflammation or arthritis, coconut oil can help.

Pumpkin is another fantastic superfood for your dog.

Pumpkin has fiber and tends to soothe the stomach because of its soluble fiber and probiotics.

Tumeric is another superfood for dogs. There is not a lot of turmeric in dog food, but turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.

Ancient grains

Ancient grains are a group of grains that have not changed over thousands of years. Over time, we tend to overly process foods, and grains evolve. However, grains such as quinoa are the same now as they were thousands of years ago.

Ancient grains have many minerals, fiber, and even vitamins we find lacking in modern grains.

Ancient grains have no fillers and provide Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Plus, the grains absorb slower, so all those nutrients have time to absorb into your dog’s bloodstream.

Gluten-free dog food

Some dogs have allergies to grains, so gluten-free dog food is a necessity.

Dogs are carnivores, but dogs have adapted to more grain in their diets after so many centuries of domestic life.

However, some dog foods use way too many grains as filler, depriving dogs of necessary proteins and other nutrients.

Also, dog owners often recognize that while dogs might be more omnivorous than their wild counterparts, good-quality dog food should primarily be protein.

Open Farm Dry Food

There are several Open Farm dry dog foods from which to choose. You can count on the fact that the protein is ethically sourced and hormone-free. Also, there are options for grain and grain-free.

Homestead Turkey & Chicken

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The Homestyle Turkey & Chicken dog food is very high in protein.

The turkey and chicken in this recipe are humanely raised, and the vegetables lack GMOs.

Also, Open Farm includes coconut oil and pumpkin in this protein-rich recipe and leaves out the byproducts and grain.

Homestead Turkey & Ancient Grains

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The Homestyle Turkey dog food has some of the same ingredients as the turkey and chicken. However, with this option, the protein is turkey.

Also, this option for Open Farm dog food includes quinoa, oats, chia seeds, pumpkin, turmeric, and coconut oil.

Pasture-Raised Lamb

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Open Farm’s lamb recipe includes New Zealand pasture-raised lamb.

Also, like the other proteins, the lamb is hormone and antibiotic-free.

The dog food includes pumpkin and apple along with coconut oil as a superfood.

There are no grains, wheat, soy, or corn in this dog food, and the manufacturer source the fruits and vegetables from a trusted local source.

Harvest Chicken & Ancient Grains

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This gluten-free Open Farm dog food uses hormone-free humanely-raised chicken as its protein.

The chicken is certified humane, and the grains are non-GMO.

Furthermore, Open Farm leaves out anything artificial, so you know your dog receives top-quality food in its bowl.

Also, the ancient grains include quinoa, chia seeds, and millet.

On top of all that good-for-your-dog yumminess, Open Farm includes turmeric, pumpkin, and coconut oil superfoods.

Grass-Fed Beef

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Open Farm’s grass-fed beef dog food is grain-free and contains non-genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Also, the grass-fed beef recipe includes Wagyu beef along with apple, pumpkin, and coconut oil.

You can buy this Open Farm dog food knowing it is free from wheat, soy, and antibiotics.

Furthermore, the protein in this dog food does not contain meat byproducts. So your dog gets the real deal.

Open Farm Dog Food: Freeze-Dried Raw

Open Farm also serves freeze-dried raw dog food.

They take raw ingredients, including meat, bones, and organs, and combine them with veggies and fruits.

Next, they freeze-dry the meal to remove all the moisture. However, the freeze-drying process does not deplete the dog food of nutrients.

Therefore, you have high-quality raw dog food that is very easy to serve.

You have options when it comes to freeze-dried dog food. You can add it as a topper to other foods.

Also, you can serve freeze-dried food to your dog as a healthy meal all on its own.

Below are a few of the Open Farm freeze-dried dog food options for consideration.

Grass-Fed Beef Recipe

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The Grass-Fed Beef recipe includes beef as well as healthy vegetables and superfoods.

The vegetables include greens as well as pumpkin seeds and squash. The superfoods include blueberries and coconut oil.

Surf & Turf Freeze-Dried Raw

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The Surf & Turf meal is very high in protein and includes beef and wild salmon.

Open Farm adds leafy greens as well as squash and pumpkin seeds to the recipe, as well.

Finally, blueberries and coconut oil round out the meal.

Farmer’s Table Recipe

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The Farmer’s Table Recipe includes freeze-dried raw pork.

Also, your dog receives leafy grees, pumpkin seeds, and squash as part of this raw meal.

Finally, superfoods like blueberries and coconut oil give your dog an extra nutritious edge.

Harvest Chicken Recipe

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Like the other freeze-dried meals, your dog has leafy greens, pumpkin, and squash as a part of the Harvest Chicken meal.

Also, blueberries and coconut oil superfoods are in this antibiotic-free raw chicken recipe.

Open Farm Dog Food Gently Cooked

The Gently Cooked Open Farm dog food is slow-cooked at a low temperature to ensure the flavor and nutrients remain.

Also, the protein, like the rest of Open Farm products, is certified humane and human-grade.

You might use the gently cooked food as a topper to dry food or as a meal all by itself.

The meals are packed with leafy greens as well as pumpkin. You can expect coconut oil and turmeric in the different varieties, as well.

You will not find peas, legumes, corn, wheat, or potatoes in these meals, as well.

There are several different proteins in these meals for consideration. Ideally, you can offer your pet a variety of flavors to keep mealtime interesting.

The protein options include grass-fed beef, surf & turf, turkey, and chicken.

Contact Open Farm directly regarding the Gently Cooked meals, as the food ships out frozen.

Open Farm Wet Dog Food

Open Farm’s dog food line includes wet food, which they call Rustic Stew. The consistency of the food is like a thick stew with smaller chunks of meat and veggie chunks.

Open Food uses a Tetra pack for the wet dog food. Also, the Tetra packs are recyclable, and you can reseal them.

The stew includes human-grade foods.

The vegetables include varieties such as carrots, pumpkin, green beans, spinach, lentils, and chickpeas, to name only a few.

There are several protein options with the rustic stew wet dog food.

Some favorites include grass-fed beef, turkey, chicken, salmon, and herring.

Open Farm Dog Food Treats

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What is a dog’s life without dog treats? However, dog treats can quickly add up in calories, so it is wise to be cautious.

Open Farm treats are free from grain, gluten, and glycerine. Also, there are no artificial flavors or otherwise questionable ingredients.

The treats go through a low-temperature dehydration process. This process helps the treats retain their nutrients and flavor.

There are several flavor options from which to choose.

The flavors include chicken, turkey, cod skins, beef, and pork.

Open Farm Bone Broth

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While the Open Farm wet food and freeze-dried products are suitable to top dry dog food, there are other options, as well.

For instance, bone broth is a fantastic add-on for your dog’s health.

Bone broth is full of collagen, which is excellent for your dog’s digestion, coat, and skin.

Also, you can use the bone broth to top off dry dog food.

Furthermore, you can rehydrate the freeze-dried raw food with bone broth. Flavors include turkey, chicken, and beef.

It’s a Dog’s Life


Open Farm dog food is a fantastic option for pet owners who want ethically sourced pet food without filler and GMOs.

Open Farm not only uses high-quality products to make dog food, but they also commit to ethically sourcing the ingredients. Also, the packaging is recyclable to lessen our carbon footprint.

Which Open Farm dog food is your dog’s favorite? 

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